Old money

Coins and notes have been around since 700BC and barely evolved since. Cheque books, chip and pin and contactless have not replaced them, nor much improved how we pay.

New money

Digital currencies are here and on the rise. They will enable people to invest in many types of assets from art and oil to property and land.

All money

Old money will not disappear anytime soon but new money is growing fast. We are creating a space for you to take part in both.

SHTCOIN - The Name You Know

Just imagine being able to tell all your friends you made a fortune off the real SHTCOIN.

SHTCOIN is inspired by and belongs to the crypto-community.


Liquidity Now

  • Generous Airdrops Beginning Immediately
  • We are actively pursuing exchange listings
  • There will be many opportunities to earn SHT
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BUY SHTCOIN and Participate in our Crypto Community

  • Buy SHTCOIN on ForkDelta
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  • Our wallet is 100% decentralised - we never hold or touch your assets
iPhone showing Token app
Security illustration

Safe and Secure, SHTCOIN runs on the Ethereum Network

  • You can use metamask to purchase SHTCOIN
  • Check on the token contract here: Etherscan

We're just getting started. Join our community and keep up to date on our progress.


We created our own digital asset, SHT, as a way to share our success with our supporters. It’s more than just another token, it’s a community.